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Quality Outpatient Mental Healthcare


Convenient access for better outcomes

Right Track Medical Group was established in 2018 as a physician-led specialty healthcare organization. Our mission is to provide quality, outpatient mental-health services for patients in Mississippi. We accomplish this through:

Early Intervention

We provide services for children and adolescents as well as adults. Our focus is on intervening through outpatient care, before a mental illness reaches a crisis level where inpatient treatment is necessary.

Individualized Care

Because each patient’s needs are unique, customized treatment plans may include appointments with a physician or nurse practitioner for medication management, a series of sessions with a therapist, or a combination of both.

Convenient Access

We believe that people should not have to wait to get care for their mental-health needs. Our goal is to provide same-day or next-day appointments for an initial assessment, delivering a tailored treatment plan that charts a clear course of sessions to follow.


1. Referral or Self-Referral

People with mental-health needs can access care from Right Track Medical Group in several different ways:

  • Through a referral from their primary-care physician

  • Through a referral from an inpatient psychiatric facility after discharge

  • Through a hospital referral after an emergency room visit

  • Through self-referral by directly calling one of our clinics

Additionally, those already working with a therapist in another practice can continue seeing their therapist while seeking medication management through Right Track Medical Group.


2. Assessment

Each patient’s first appointment is focused on getting to know him or her and understanding the individual’s mental-health needs. Through the assessment, a licensed mental-health professional will design a tailored treatment plan. The plan describes the type and frequency of sessions we recommend over the course of several weeks or months.


3. Treatment

Depending on each patient’s unique needs, the treatment plan recommended through the assessment may include:

  • Medication Management Sessions

  • Therapy Sessions

  • Both Medication Management and Therapy Sessions

  • No further sessions, or a referral to a primary-care physician

As with any illness, the intensity of treatment will relate to whether a patient’s situation is mild, moderate or acute. A mental illness that has been progressing for years will typically call for more frequent therapy sessions and more aggressive medication, underscoring the need for early intervention whenever possible.


4. Maintenance

Even after the initial treatment term, patients can continue to access care as frequently as they need to — particularly in times of acute stress or life transitions — to maintain mental health and wellness.



To learn more about Right Track Medical Group’s approach to mental healthcare, contact the clinic nearest you.